It seems that winter is upon us and the snow has landed, staying warm inside with a good book this morning brought my thoughts to my Off-Roading Group. Yep that’s You…. Thank you so much for being part of this group and sharing this adventure with me. I appreciate all of you and can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and prayers, as well as your extended network of friends that I don’t even know who have been praying for me.

Terrain Update:

Over the last six months the ground has been smooth with a slight decline, this has allowed me to completely enjoy each day with family and friends having no worries or health concerns. Together this summer our family was on the GO… travelling, sightseeing, camping, hiking, fishing, treking, zip-lining, biking, snorkeling, boating, tubing, beaching, rafting and relaxing. Wow, what a blessing this time has been. God is good!

Last week I went to KGH for my checkup with my oncologist, after two plus years of coming in there looking a mess they were so thrilled to see me “lookin good” and feeling good. It was nice to see all my nurses and receptionists, strangely I wanted my doctor to have more to say but after telling me “you are normal, live your life”, what more is there to say. With the exception of a few small issues and mini stick injuries my body is normal, however I don’t think I truly know what normal is now (and for my family), yet I do know I will never be the same and this Off-Road adventure God has me on has made me a better person and I Trust Him to show me “Normal”.

(Enjoy the little Things)