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2017 One Second Everyday

Another year has gone by and 2017 was a good one.  I am very thankful for all the people in my life and the moments shared this year.  Here is 365 seconds of my 2017.

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Nice Fall Day for a Road Trip

It was a nice day for a hockey road trip to North Durham.  The boys had a good game and came away with the win. Davin had two goals and a beauty at the 0:17 mark.  

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The Hockey Season has Begun

Hockey never really stops in our family but it is that time of year when the regular season begins and the enjoyment of watching games and traveling is now upon us. The team had a great weekend playing in the Justin Williams Cup in Cobourg. The Bulls played hard and were undefeated until the A [...]

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Road trip on the team bus

Davin's team had a great day travelling to Ajax together on the team bus Sunday.  It was fun to for everyone to be together and an exciting win for the Bulls.  Davin got one goal and the final score was 6-2

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One Second Video Every Day in 2016

2016 seemed to be the quickest year I have ever experienced. Hoping to capture memories of last year I put together a video of one second clips from every day of 2016.

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Ottawa Hockey Tournament

Fun times with the team! This latest tournament was in Ottawa and the the boys played hard against some very strong Ottawa teams and had fun bonding while making lasting memories together as a team.

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Operation Christmas Child 2016

Each year the kids enjoy making a list of items and shopping for our boxes to send with Operation Christmas Child.

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Senators vs Predators Nov 17 2016

We have a fabulous night on a quick trip to Ottawa to see the Sens play the Predators.  The boys got off school early and we stopped at the famous Gourmet Restaurant in Carlton Place.  Fun times! Thank you Bruce Mackay for the invitation.

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I am going to miss Kingston General Hospital

So this day started out as my annual trip to KGH for blood work and to see my oncologist so I thought I would take some video of our usual trip.  It turns out that this was my last checkup at KGH and from this point on I will do blood work each year through [...]

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Fall walk at the Frink

A few times a year, usually fall and winter one of our favourite places to hike together is the Frink Centre.  I am glad no one ended up in the water.

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